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  • Our Alberta territory is one of the best in the world with outstanding fundamentals
  • We have the largest network of dealership branches in Alberta with a unique multi-brand equipment offering
  • Our revenue is highly diversified by customer, segment of the economy, geography and by revenue source
  • We’ve been in business a long time with a solid track record of growth and financial performance
  • Our combination creates unique growth opportunities through organic growth initiatives, economies of scale, and accretive acquisitions
  • And, our management team is one of the most experienced in the business and is highly motivated to succeed

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Jan 26, 2015
Rocky Mountain Dealerships Inc. (TSX: RME, OTCQX: RCKXF) announces quarterly dividend and date for 2014 year-end results conference call and webcast

Dec 17, 2014
Rocky Mountain Dealerships Inc. (TSX:RME, OTCQX:RCKXF) provides update on senior management succession