• Garrett Ganden
    Garrett Ganden
    President and Chief Executive Officer

    Garrett was appointed President and Chief Executive Officer of the Corporation on February 2, 2015.  Prior to this appointment, Mr. Ganden had served as the Corporation's Chief Operating Officer since May 9, 2011, and, prior to that, had served as Chief Financial Officer of the Corporation since its IPO. Mr. Ganden has a long history in the heavy equipment business, serving as the Chief Financial Officer of Hammer Equipment Sales Limited since October 23, 2007 and, prior thereto, was the Corporate Controller at Hammer Equipment Sales Limited for five years.  Mr. Ganden attended the University of Lethbridge and received his Bachelor of Management in 1997.  Prior to joining Hammer Equipment Sales Limited in 2002, he worked at Deloitte & Touche LLP, Chartered Accountants in Calgary, Alberta where in 2000 he earned his Chartered Accountant designation.

  • David Ascott
    David Ascott
    Chief Financial Officer

    David has been the Corporation’s Chief Financial Officer since August 2011. Prior to this appointment, he served as the Chief Financial Officer of Opta Minerals Inc., a publicly-traded company engaged in acquiring and consolidating suppliers of industrial minerals and abrasives in North America and Europe.  Before that, Mr. Ascott was employed as the Corporate Controller of a large North American abrasive blasting and painting contractor and, from 1992 to 1999, was employed in various positions with Ernst & Young in offices both in Canada and in Europe.  Mr. Ascott attended the University of Waterloo, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts-Honours Accounting in 1993, and has been a Chartered Accountant since 1994.

  • Jim Wood
    Jim Wood
    Chief Sales and Operations Officer

    Jim was appointed Chief Sales and Operations Officer in January, 2017. Prior to this appointment, he served as Rocky’s Vice President of Agriculture since 2012. Jim has nearly 3 decades’ worth of experience in various sales and managerial roles within the agriculture equipment business, developing relationships with both customers and manufacturers along the way.

  • Jerald D. Palmer Jr.
    Jerald D. Palmer Jr.
    General Counsel and Corporate Secretary

    Jerald D. Palmer Jr. has been the General Counsel and Corporate Secretary of the Corporation since November, 2010.  Prior to joining the Corporation, Mr. Palmer worked as a barrister & solicitor in private legal practice, where he focused on commercial transactions, corporate reorganizations, agri-business and real estate.  He is a graduate of the University of Calgary, where he received a Bachelor of Arts (with distinction) in Political Science.  Mr. Palmer then attended the University of Alberta where he graduated with a Bachelor of Laws in 2006.  Upon completing his articles, he was called to the Alberta Bar in 2007.  Mr. Palmer currently sits on the Board of Directors for the Association of General Counsel of Alberta.